There were three occasions today when something happened (a spilt drink, a ringing telephone and a barking dog) which I took as my cue to get out of a situation. Somehow it felt as though I was tuned in and, taking the guidance, I changed course and moved on. For example, in the pub in the late afternoon there was a heavy atmosphere and I felt tired. The spilt drink (nothing uncommon in a pub) seemed like an alarm bell to me and I got out of there.

Some thoughts which occurred to me later in the evening:

Subtlety of Feeling

There is no need to dwell in negativity. On the other side of each negative thought and feeling is a more subtle, more powerful, positive feeling of knowing that I am at least moving in a general direction in my life which leads away from the negativity. Continue through the low feelings and on to the knowledge that I am making efforts in my life to move towards a more positive place. Stay with this feeling – it is empowering and increases energy levels. This is the difference between fear and love.


We are all aspects of the whole. My reality is only a tiny part of all that there is and I am only a very small part of my reality; but at the same time I am everything that is. This is the nature of fractals – the whole is contained in the tiniest fraction. I am both part of the fractal and the whole fractal. When I see myself from this perspective I seem bigger, more in control and more calm.

There is nothing to worry about.

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