I’m Exactly Where I Need to Be

After a short conversation with Karaj regarding the reservations I have about my life at the moment he advised me to stop worrying, relax, take this opportunity of a lifetime to do important self-development work and resolve some vital issues once and for all.

Above all, I need to be patient. It’s true, I always seem to be in a hurry to improve myself in some way. There is a danger of me assuming that because this opportunity has presented itself to me others will too. I could, therefore, become complacent and sacrifice this situation in the hope of finding more rapid progress elsewhere.

I should celebrate my life at the moment: I am fortunate enough to have a friend in Aubrey who allows me to live in his house, whilst down the road I am able to develop myself beyond my wildest dreams with Karaj. It is no coincidence that this is happening to me. It’s what I’ve wanted to do for years and yet at times my mind convinces me that I should be doing something else.

Remember the feeling I had on Brighton beach yesterday morning. My mind and my impatience told me to stand up and do something else but I stayed where I was. What I felt at the time was relief as my impatience subsided to be replaced by a calm feeling of being exactly where I needed to be. That is just how it is at the larger scale. I’m exactly where I need to be. So be patient and trust the process because everything is okay.

Wrote a thank you card to Peter for organising the Brighton weekend. He did a great job.

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