Positive Reflection

There are rare times when I review my life and can reflect upon the good things about myself. On these occasions I see myself in a very positive light. This isn’t because I’m fabricating information or lying to myself. All the facts are always there but in everyday life I ignore them in favour of a more negative view.

I forget that what comes naturally to me does not come naturally to others. I lose sight of my abilities and I disregard many of my talents. In fact I assume I have no real talents at all. But in many ways, everything I do and everything I am is a talent, a gift and a positive.

Because of the self-development work I am doing, I seem to be more focused on the negatives; the nature of the work is designed to change those aspects of my life which are not good for me. However, I need to keep the correct perspective on it all. That is, I am not starting from scratch. Whilst I may not have reached the fine tuning stage, most of who and what I am is in place. Most of the person I am is positive and good.

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  1. Again, thanks for the reminder. It is all too easy to focus on the negative, forgetting all the skills that I possess. This hampers me from getting on with jobs at times. I do not want to fail! Yet when I look at what I have already accomplished, I can see how good I am.

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