Dreams, Facts & Celebration

Karaj and I talked about my inability to see the facts. I am looking for reassurances that things will work out when all the facts are there. Everything Karaj and I have done together has worked out perfectly and that’s is all I need to know. I also need to keep in mind that Karaj is there with me. I have his support. There is no need to cut myself off and be alone. My success is his success. His aim is to see me and all his clients be independent and to win in life.

It’s the steps I need to recognise. There is no point in focusing on the goal. I know what I want, my dream is defined. I need to concentrate on the steps I must take to get me there. Do not get involved in the feelings about the dream. Acknowledge the facts and, with practice, I will one day be able to feel the facts. This means I will be able to feel the satisfaction that things are moving instead of overlooking it. At present, even with the facts to hand, I still only acknowledge my fears for the future. All I need is the dream and the rest will follow. In good time. Relax. Everything is perfect.

Once the dream is written down, the blocks start to appear. These blocks come in the form of reasons we give ourselves why the dream can never be fulfilled. There is an inexhaustible supply of these excuses, and this is as far as our dreams usually get. This is where the to-do list comes in. The only question is: What is it I have to do this second to move my dream on? It is the steps we take which are important, not the goal. Once the dream has been written down the process has begun, and all we have to do is to keep it moving. There’s no need to hurry, but once a task has been completed it must be celebrated.

It must be celebrated. Do not underestimate the power of celebration. It brings the particular step to a close and releases everything for us to move on to the next step. It also allows us to recognise and acknowledge the progress we make. Again, do not be in a hurry to move on. Take the time to enjoy the achievements. This is true of mankind in general; we are so busy making progress that we do not take the time to appreciate the progress we have already made. Also, the celebration aspect is best achieved with someone who is in a position to understand what has been achieved. Have some fun with the whole process. How much do we miss out by not appreciating the process because we are so focused on the end result?

The simple formula is BE-DO-HAVE.  Be the dream, do the work and have (own) the work – celebrate it.

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