A Time for Contemplation

Still feel very tired but I am looking forward to a quiet week during which I can get myself together. I had a chat with Karaj, and he gave me couple of things to contemplate while he is away at his meditation.

  • My solidity – I am far more solid than I give myself credit for.
  • Stop assuming responsibility when I am not responsible. All the problems and negativity surrounding us at present need not concern me. As I am prone to tell Sunil: my priority is to sort myself out.

Karaj did say that this storm of negativity which is engulfing us is a real test for us. If we can embrace it and not lose our balance then we will remain on course. If not then we will lose our way and all sorts might happen. Relax because things are going well.

I was able to make a start on the last five days of my appraisal and, after a busy morning of running around and preparation, Karaj finally set off for his meditation week. It has come at just the right time for both of us. I spent the rest of the day on my appraisal before walking home and enjoying a relaxing evening on my own.

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