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07.10 E&M 45 mins. Having been left untouched by some of the recent events and stories which have moved others in the group, I told myself to be more open at the church this morning. It worked and I was more receptive and less cynical or negative than usual. I also took notes which helped me to focus and to remember the content of what turned out to be a good sermon.

It started with the advice that during times of famine we have to survive on what we already have. That means being conservative in times of plenty and knowing that scarcity could be around the next corner. There was also a word about taking opportunities when they come our way because if I don’t then someone else will and there can be nothing worse than someone telling me they have benefited from my lack of action. The pastor also said that if we attempt to hold on to what little we have, we will lose it all. Those who cling on, lose everything whereas those who give, receive in abundance.

He went on to say that it’s important I see myself as God sees me. Karaj has given me insight into what this means by displaying a far greater belief in me than I have ever had. I need to see that I am good, that I am capable and that I can be whoever I want to be. There is no need to waste time and effort putting myself down. In connection with this he talked about our actions being inspired by God and not by man. If our motivations are earthly then we will ultimately fail, but if they are heavenly then we will succeed. What you think, so you are. The importance of right thought.

One point he made which is relevant to the way I regard people is that we are all the same – no matter how rich or educated a person may be, we are all the same in the eyes of God and that is what counts. As he said, whatever your skills, we will use them but we will not exalt you or sit in awe of you. I tend to be in awe of people – I put them on pedestal and suffer as a result.

The final part of his sermon concentrated on the fact that we do not have to embark on any grand mercy missions or planet-saving adventures. All we need to do is to do what we can, with love and compassion in our hearts and with God as our inspiration, and miracles will happen. It is the same as Karaj has always said – concentrate on building the foundations and then things will happen – and they will happen very quickly. So, relax, work hard doing whatever I can and in time I will see the results. I don’t need to force anything.

After a late lunch the four of us (Robert, Dev, Sunil and I) sat together to discuss our respective goals for the forthcoming year and how they link into our five-year plans. I enjoyed the session – having the space to talk about my goals allowed me to define them further and, with the challenges and support from the other men, I ended up with greater focus on what I intend to achieve over the next 12 months.

One incident in particular highlights the benefit of this kind of forum. Talking about my desire to finish the year with a foothold in Germany, Sunil challenged me that I did not seem certain about it. This showed me the doubts I have about how it will happen. As I already know, there is no point in wondering how; yet that was exactly what I was doing. Once I could see what I was doing I stated firmly that my goal to be in Germany by the end of the year will happen. The desire is not in question, it’s the details which drag me down. Forget the details – all I need is the vision.

My other goals include leading a disciplined life on a daily, hourly and when necessary a minute-by-minute basis. I will also continue to mature this year. Dev asked me how that can be measured by the others in the group – how will they be able to monitor my progress? Again, this question made me think and brought greater focus to my goal. I want to eradicate the juvenile remarks I still make and I want to be able to treat everyone I meet as an equal instead of standing in awe of those I consider to be better than me. All this will contribute to my five-year plan because I will be dealing with powerful and influential people and cannot afford to put myself in a position of subservience with them.

My long term goals are to live and work both in Germany and in England whilst at the same time allowing myself some time (three months of the year) to get away and write and meditate. My work will be based on what I have learned and will continue to learn from Karaj. It will be structured around the work I have done over the last two years in improving myself and my life. I want to share with others the beauty of leading a congruent and balanced life and help people fulfil their potential.

Karaj then joined us from his work outside with Kuldip to tell us that the four of us are the core group within the men’s group and that we have created it four ourselves with our work together over the last three months. Together we will move forward to another level. Within the group we have an intellectual (Robert), a thinker (Sunil), a pusher (Dev) and an all-rounder (me). The boundaries between us and Karaj are now open, meaning we can negotiate with Karaj on all levels, telling him what support we require. Karaj has said that because the dynamic of the (core) group has intensified, the interactions between us will also intensify and Karaj will provide support and feedback on our relationships with each other.

The western script is to aim for things but not to own them. We need to own what we do. Karaj went on to say that this is an experiment about self-healing. We should have a quiet two years and then write about it. We must remember that we are already okay, and that nothing is unfinished – it’s just in the process of being revealed.

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