Gradually & With Care

Exercised in the morning and evening, with steady work in between. It hasn’t felt like a busy day and this is my learning point: I can achieve a lot by pacing myself. It doesn’t have to feel like a slog.

Read a newspaper article about a girl who has started to walk after 14 years in a wheelchair. Her success is down to ‘mind therapy’: making herself well by using her mind (positivity), breathing deeply to get life into her cells and by getting back in touch with her body. Also by getting away from all her friends & family who were keeping her in the victim position.

Finished updating my new to-do list. For the past five days I have been using a spreadsheet format to record everything, including my self-appraisals. It is getting easier to use and I can already see that it is a more comprehensive format than anything I have used up to now.

Thought: every time I am doing well I fuck it up. This is my script telling me I cannot have what I want (e.g. health). This is my last chance to sort it out. By sticking to the discipline of routine, healthy eating, healthy living and healthy thought, I can change my life. It will be tough at times but I have the support and when I use that support I will win. Do it gradually and with care, and remember: the script is poised.


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