Seeing Myself In Others

A steady day today. I built momentum all day and spent an enjoyable and productive evening at Simran’s flat. I was excited to be in a different environment; there was a sense of fun about it and I was enthusiastic.

Together with Calvin, we worked on our yearly appraisal. The work flowed well at times. The (quiet) supportive presence of Calvin and Simran was enough to motivate. Blocks were released easily through verbalisation, and we were all satisfied with the work we achieved. Simran told me I had brought much needed enthusiasm to the environment.

I saw myself in Simran three times tonight:

  1. How he rushed around making the food.
  2. How he had sacrificed himself to photocopy Calvin’s work when Calvin had said he would do it himself.
  3. How he explained/justified his actions: ‘The photocopier is next to me’.

So, slow down, don’t sacrifice, and listen to people when they point things out to me.

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